April 21, 2020, Radebeul (Germany)

The current COVID19 crisis is having its effects on all of us, both privately and professionally. However, in this phase of economic slowdown, it also gives us the opportunity to reflect – on the past, the present and the future. As a result, we have humbly come to the point of simply saying Thank you.

Thank you to our customers for your loyalty and trust. Providing feedback to us to improve our services so that we can meet and exceed your expectations.

Thank you to our employees for your tireless efforts, passion and loyalty to achieve our ambitious goals every day, so that we continue to be the high-performing company that our customers appreciate.

Thank you to our partners, who work with us every day to achieve the best we can as a team. This is what makes us unique – we know that our requirements and expectations are not easy to meet, but you always do your best to meet our needs professionally.

Thank you to our competitors who challenge us every day and inspire us to be ambitious in order to be and remain the best in our great shared online print market.

And last but not least, thanks to all the wonderful people who are currently risking their lives to save others. Caring for sick and vulnerable people, to ensure their protection and security, in order to maintain our social life and survival in these troublesome times. During these extremely challenging times, we will remain true to our core business and will not seek to capitalise on short-term needs or cross ethical boundaries

We remain confident that better times lie in the future and there will be many success stories we will share with you. As a company we are proud to be a part of your work and life and we look forward to a future together.

This time should not discourage us but rather encourage us to be there for each other in future where we can be united and confident.

Take Care.